Shipping & Tax

When an item leaves the Rien atelier you receive an e-mail informing you that the product will be delivered on the address you have selected.

Rien undertakes high standard quality controls in order to ensure that the products reaching the hands of the customers are in an excellent quality condition. In case you notice a defect in the product, send us an email at in order to inform us why you wish to return the item, stating the invoice number and the product’s code. We will do our best to exchange the defective product you returned. You can also check section Returns for more information.

Rien undertakes very strict controls in order to minimize mistakes. However if you receive an item that you haven’t ordered, send us an email at in order to inform us why you wish to return the item, stating the invoice number and the product’s code.

If an ordered item is missing, please contact the company (

Rien ensures the best, time and quality wise, shipment of products to the indicated destination, being well aware that it is important for the customers to receive an item of excellent quality within the expected time frame.

The shipment of the products is undertaken by Geniki Taxydromiki (in Greece) and TNT for countries abroad. We will inform you via e-mail for the estimated production time of your order. Usually we required 5-10 days for manufacturing. In Greece, the products are delivered the next working day from the date of dispatch (1-2 working days for remote areas), and within 3-5 working days (standard delivery) for countries abroad (indicative time, not including delays due to customs).

When the products leave from the Rien atelier, you receive a 2nd e-mail informing you that your order is to be delivered and has a specific invoice number.

As far as Greece is concerned, if you use this invoice number at the Geniki Taxydromiki website, you may follow the process of your order.

When the products arrive on the receipt address you will be asked to sign in order to receive.
If the products arrive to the destination and there is no one to receive, then Geniki Taxydromiki (in Greece) will make two more efforts to deliver the products to you, within the next working days, leaving a note to contact the assigned representative. You have 5 working days to contact them and set a new appointment. Beyond this time, the product is directly returned to the Rien atelier. Once the product is returned we will contact you in order to inform you about the choices offered.

Shipping costs of our products in Greece and abroad:

Greece | Courier: Geniki Taxydromiki | Delivery period: next working day, (2-3 days working days for remote areas)


Price range
in Euro
Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
≤150 12 27 30 35
151-250 18 37 40 45
251-350 20 45 48 50
351-450 25 55 58 60
451-550 30 60 65  70
≥551 free free free  free

All over the world.


Austria Albania Algeria Rest of the world
Belgium Andorra Bahrain
Bulgaria Belarus Canada
Cyprus Bosnia-Herzegovina China
Czech Republic Croatia Egypt
Denmark Fyrom Faroe Islands
Estonia Israel Gibraltar
Filand Liechtenstein Greenland
France Monaco Hong Kong
Germany Montenegro Iceland
Hungary Norway India
Ireland Russia Indonesia
Italy San Marino Japan
Latvia Serbia Kosovo
Lithuania Switzerland Kuwait
Luxembourg Turkey Laos
Malta Ukraine Lebanon
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Poland Malaysia
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Romania Myanmar
Slovakia Nepal
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Sweden Singapore
United Kingdom South Korea
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The price indicated in the site is the one you will need to pay and includes all legal taxes.